Veerendra Jamdade
27 December 11

Affordable advertising solutions for SMEs in Maharashtra

Rural markets have grown to be a bigger market for every category of business in India. It’s no surprise that the Indian rural marketshave become the center of attention for every product or service eyeing the Indian market.  While the rural consumer is ready to dissect the billion dollar opportunity, companies are in process of modifying their products and services to suit the needs of this class of consumers.The consumer spending in rural areas has taken a drastic hike giving enough growth opportunities to small and mid-sized businesses.  SMEsoperating at a local level can make best of the changing market scenario as they understand the market better compared to the giant competitors. For instance, in case of the consumer products category, it has been observed that consumption of such products has increased radically in rural areas. This has resulted in a surge of multi -national FMCG brands like HUL and P&G spending more time and resources in understanding the rural markets and enhancing their distribution networks in such areas. On the contrary, mid-sized FMCG companies who have a wider presence in rural areas can make best of the opportunity by creating an effective presence of their brand. Along with strengthening the local distribution network, companies also need to lay focus on a robust advertising plan to have better recognition of their brands amongst the consumers as compared to the established brands.Advertising plays a vital role in establishing a brand amongst the target audience. It has played a vital role in transforming mere products or services into brands.

Branding and advertising are essentials for any SME to grow big. However, SMEs face a significant challenge of limited budgets and resources. In such a scenario, cost effective advertising is what can ease the problem of SMEs.

Vritti i-Media, a next generation advertising solution provider in Maharashtra has come up with innovative audio advertising solution for advertisers. Vritti i-Media has partnered with Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) to run audio advertisements at various district bus terminals. They have been appointed as the Sole Authorized Agency by MSRTC to run commercial audio advertisements that are played along with the Buses’ arrival/departure announcements. Thus ensuring 100% compulsory listening for small towns and rural market consumers who travel frequently in MSRTC Buses. Since the advertisements are aired through centralized web server, Vritti i-Media has been able to connect with consumers in the most remote villages of Maharashtra. The audio network of Vritti i-Media is currently spread across 80+ locations of MSRTC bus stands covering key centers, investor hubs, all districts, important taluka places and pilgrim centres in Maharashtra.

Advantages of Vritti i-Media’s audio advertising solution to SMEs in Maharashtra:

  • Reach of 103 Million people
  • On-air time morning 6am to night 10pm daily
  • Broadcasting every 30 minutes
  • Passengers on an average change every 30 minutes and that assures your advertisement is heard by new person every time
  • Every District bus stand – Average 40000 passenger footfalls every day
  • Per persons cost is almost 10% compared to other media and impact is 100%
  • Audio advertisement in local language can reach out to illiterates as well
  • Advertisement releases at various district place bus stand and repetition throughout the day and month create a brand image
  • Advertisement is heard across bus stand and up to 100 meter periphery
  • Mandatory listening as the advertisement is coupled with the bus departure announcement. Passengers are actually waiting to hear the announcement
  • 100% battery backup to ensure 16 hours running of system
  • Advertisement can be changed within 30 minutes

Vritti i-Media assures wider reach for SMEs in cost effective budgets. This innovative concept of audio advertising solution has also won 2 Gold and 1 silver awards at the Outdoor Advertising Awards, 2011.  Gold Award for most coveted “Media owner for western region”, Gold Award for “Best Transit Media and Silver”  Award for the Best Format Innovation – New Media category.

Vritti i-Media has been responsible for making various brands a house hold name in rural and semi urban areas of Maharashtra. SMEs like Kirti Gold, Maharashtra K knowledge Corporation, Gujarat Tea traders – Vikram Tea, Pitambari, Kalnirnay publications and many more have been successful in building a brand name in rural and semi-urban parts of Maharashtra with the help of Vritti’s advertising network.

The article is authored by Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Head-Marketing, Vritti i-Media on the official India Mart Blog.

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