Veerendra Jamdade
18 June 15

Golden Opportunity to Reach 2 Million People of Rural Maharashtra!

Pandharpur in Solapur district, is also called the religious capital of Maharashtra and the temple is dedicated to Lord Vitthal, an incarnation of Lord Krishna.On this year, Pandharpur yatra is held on Aashadi Ekadashi i.e. 27th July. One of the most famous pilgrimages in Maharashtra, Pandharpur Ashadhi Ekadashi Wari has been taking place for more than 700 years.This is a religious padyatra is comprised of over 1 million pilgrims traveling for 21 days to Vithoba temple by foot.
Vritti iMedia plays an important part in distributing booklet description, Placing of Boards – LED LCD Screens, Demonstrations coupled with various social activites initiated by these local authorities like providing information to crowd, Water Distribution, Crowd Control, Giving Directions to crowd etc are undertaken by Vritti. Vritti Media offers various creative and interactive brand activities to increase overall presence and visibility of brands, and products across all sections in Rural Market mainly in FCMG, AUTO, STEEL, AGRICULTURE.

On Asha Ekadashi in Pandharpur, with such a large rural audience, Vritti i Media takes the opportunity to market various products effectively. This is done with the help of numerous properties.
There are 13 locations where the Warkaris take rest before they reach to “ Pandharpur” and they are the important strategic locations / Touch points.
These are the most important locations for communicate , engagement, Sampling and demonstrate.
While they walk bare foot to Pandharpur they always face problems related to Drinking water , Sanitation , medical facility, Mobile charging unit , Temporary tents and raincoat , umbrella. Various properties which are used according to the situations in their schedule are:
River side -:
When they reach Pandharpur warkaris gather at the river side for the holy dip and from there as they move for Darshan.
Mutt’s /Accommodation centers / Ashrams -:
Mutt is a accommodation center, spread in a huge area, having almost more then 100 rooms and apprx. 10 ,000 pilgrims take rest during the event. Some mutt’s accommodates almost 30,000 to 40,000 pilgrims and there are 20 such mutts in Pandharpur city which accommodates lacs of devotees during the Yatra.
Bus depots-:
During the Yatra the maharshtra govt. setup 2 new Bus depot and 2000 additional buses for the travelling of the pilgrims and the bus depots gets huge amount of crowd.
Temple Queue -:
Pilgrims wait in a queue fro 15 to 20 hours for the Darshan and this queue starts outside the city ( almost 10 km’s from the temple) and moves though a 5 “storey” building and ends in the temple. So the queue and the 5 “storey” building provides an unique options of branding , communication , engagement.
City Branding -:
We do innovative branding with Hoardings , Information boards ,Direction Boards , Arch

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